The Tragedy of Ryan Holiday

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I was reluctant to write this. I didn’t want to contribute to the noise about Ryan Holiday and his much discussed book, Trust Me I’m Lying (if you haven’t heard of it, here’s a review and some other coverage). However, after watching a Google Hangout that featured Holiday, Peter Shankman…

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3 reasons I follow up with media

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Dear Journalist, I get why you’ve setup a cottage industry to bash PR people. Still, annoying things emanate from this curmudgeonly faction. A case in point involves following up on pitches and releases. You know what I mean. You’ve seen the “educational” blog posts and “helpful” videos where fourth estaters…

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My love of radio

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(Note: you can listen to this post here) I recently wrote about how a new device has rekindled my love of radio. I’m not listening to music stations, rather CBC news/politics, as well as other sports and arts programming. The audio only medium does these things well. Radio’s beauty is…

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21 things PR is

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My last post was about what PR is not. I came up with a list of  21 things and others added great thoughts in the comments. Today we talk about what PR is. Since PR can be SO very many things, I’ll inevitably miss the vast majority of them. Please…

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